The Borough of McKees Rocks

Public Meeting

June 15, 2021

7:00 PM

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call           

Agenda Comments/Changes

**Reminder: Please remember that these public meetings are being recorded and all communications must remain professional and respectful at all times**

Guest Speaker (3 minutes per person)

      Ms. Samantha Levitzki-Wright– StoRox School District Updates

      Mr. Lance Harrell – 115 Helen Street discussion

      Resident of Myers Ridge – Road Closure Request Community Event


Reading of Minutes ** Handout**

Motion to accept the public meeting minutes from May 11, 2021

Motion to accept the special public meeting minutes from June 2, 2021



Police Department **Handout**

Fire Department ** Handout**

Mayors Report

Borough Manager Report

Borough Solicitor

Building Code Official – Written Monthly Activity Report (on file at the Admin. Office)

Code Enforcement Officer - Written Monthly Activity Report (on file at the Admin. Office)

Borough Engineer – Capsule Report was discussed @ Caucus Meeting 6/14/2021

Action Items

1. Motion to accept Pete Jeffrey & Associates, Inc. as apparent low bidder of the 3rd Street Park Revitalization Contract Award in the amount of $69,938.00

2. Motion to approve payment to Searight Excavation, Inc. in the amount of $16,500.00 for inlet and sewer replacement at Campbell Street

3. Motion to authorize Char-West COG to make final payment to Minniefield Demolition Services for the Church-Chartiers demolitions in the amount of $24,200.00

4. Motion to authorize Char-West COG to make payment to Baino Construction, Inc. in the amount of $7,920.49 for Island Avenue Sidewalk Replacement (Phase 2).     

Controllers Report ** Handout**

Motion to accept the Controller’s Report 

Approval of Bills ** Handout**

Motion to pay bills


Agenda Voting:

Public Safety Committee (Chas Maritz, Chair):


Finance and Administration Committee (Nick Radoycis, Chair):

a). Motion to approve moving bank accounts from PNC Bank to First National Bank

b.) Motion to accept the 2019 Municipal Audit & Financial Report filed with DCED on May 20,2021


Parks and Recreation Committee (Leslie Walker, Chair)


Real Estate Committee (Nick Radoycis, Chair)


Public Works Committee (Archie Brinza, Chair)

a). Motion to authorize Borough Solicitor to look into setting a fee schedule for street closure permits for commercial purposes


Borough Association (Craig Myers, Chair)


Char-West COG (Elizabeth Delgado, Chair)


Borough Development (Craig Myers, Chair)


Codification Committee (Elizabeth Delgado, Chair)


Other Communications/Motions

a). Motion to approve Borough Ordinance No. 1770, amending Zoning Ordinance 1330 applying parking standards to off-street parking in commercial zone


New Business


Old Business

a). 823 Short Street Property Donation

b). McDonalds Way - No Parking signs and fee schedule to use space for commercial purposes



Adjourn Business Portion of Meeting     



June 15, 2021 - 9:49am

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