Welcome to McKees Rocks!

McKees Rocks occupies one square mile along the south bank of the Ohio River just a few miles from downtown Pittsburgh.

The Rocks (as it is commonly known) combines the charm of its history with a 21st-century energy. Founded in 1769 and incorporated in 1829, McKees Rocks has 6,000 diverse residents, from people who have lived here for generations to newcomers just moving in who see the opportunities the Rocks provides.


Posting 11/04/2020

Attn Borough Residents: Please be advised, Effective immediately the traffic pattern on Furnace St. (behind Hollowood Music and Key Bank) is now open to two-way traffic.

Yellow lines have been painted and street signs have been erected to advise drivers of this traffic change.  Please proceed safely through the area with this information in mind. Thank you.


Posting 9/10/2020

Attention Borough Residents :

In response to a community safety concern,  the Mayor of McKees Rocks Borough has recently directed a temporary traffic restriction, to change the traffic pattern of the 1000 block of Church Avenue to 1-way from St. John Street heading towards Catherine Baker Knoll Way.  The street has been posted with proper signage indicating the traffic change.

Any person(s) found violating this new traffic pattern can be ticketed and fined by the McKees Rocks Police Department.


Posting 8/17/2020 ATTN BOROUGH RESIDENTS: 

Effective September 1st, the McKees Rocks Police Department will be proactively enforcing NO VEHICLE PARKING ON CURBS OR SIDEWALKS, per Borough Ordinance No. 1606.  As a reminder, all four (4) wheels MUST be placed on the street.

Any person violating this ordinance shall be subject to pay a fine of Thirty ($30.00) Dollars.



The Borough of McKees Rocks Municipal Building will be restricted to all public access until further notice.  Only staff and key personnel will be permitted access to the building. 

Borough staff will be available by phone and email ONLY to answer questions and conduct borough business during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Please call 412-331-2498 for assistance. Please also check the borough website for any further updates.

The Borough of McKees Rocks Police Department is modifying its operations as follows:

Emergency calls where a person's personal safety or property are immediately endangered - Officers will continue to promptly respond to the scene, and in a manner appropriate to the emergency.

Reports of previous crimes, suspicious behaviors (not ongoing), informational requests, general complaints, etc. - will be phone screened by an officer. Complainants when calling 911, should request a return phone call from the McKees Rocks Police. When an officer returns your call and it's deemed necessary to physically respond, they will do so.

Walk-in complaints at the Police Department - Are Discouraged. Complainants should evaluate if there is another way of communicating with the police department, besides in person, at the police station. Call 412-331-2302 Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM to speak to the police receptionist.

Should complainants stop at the police department, ONLY under extreme circumstances (emergency) will a complainant be invited into the police department lobby to be interviewed.

Any requests for police reports can be made by calling 412-331-2302 Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM.

Pennsylvania State Reportable Crash Reports - per the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, the police department will continue to process these for insurance companies via US mail upon receipt of the mandated fee. Individual citizen requests are discouraged, as they would require in person visits and insurance companies are responsible for collecting these reports for their clients.

Officers will continue to patrol and protect all residents and visitors of the Borough of McKees Rocks. Officers will not be permitted to shake hands and will be require to keep a six-foot distance, when possible in order to protect themselves and the public.

Thank you

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