Due to COVID-19 and issues with the generation of billing data by the utility, McKees Rocks ratepayers only received three sewage bills in 2020 instead of four.  While service was never interrupted, the effort must now be made to collect payments for services delivered in 2020/2021 and get back to the normal quarterly billing cycle.  We apologize for any confusion but want to make sure residents know that these bills are reflective of services utilized.

We understand that the condensed billing (2 months instead of 3 for those issued in October and December 2021) could be problematic for some residents. The Borough, with assistance of State Rep. Dan Deasy worked with Berkheimer’s and there will not be a late fee or penalty applied to any payments remitted for the October billing on or before November 30.  If you have further concerns regarding a recent bill, please call Berkheimer’s directly at 866-693-8393.  Their staff will be happy to further explain and help you come to a resolution.

Additionally, the Borough has asked Berkheimer’s to include a flyer in the December bill detailing what to expect with regard to sewage billing cycles for 2022. 


Mayor Jack Muhr

Council President Archie Brinza

October 29, 2021 - 8:12am

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