McKees Rocks Police Department

Effective 03/14/2019 - The McKees Rocks Police Department has installed a Drug Take Back Collection Box located in the main lobby (1st floor), within the McKees Rocks Police Department.

Drug Take Back Collection Procedure:

ACCESS: The public shall have access to the collection box during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM).

DROP-OFF: Items are to be placed directly into collection box. Personal identification labels on medicine containers should be removed or obliterated; Individuals are not to be questioned or required to disclose personal information; No fee is to be charged

PERMITTED ITEMS: All prescription medicines, patches, ointments, over the counter medicines, vitamins

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Inhalers, needles/sharps, medications from business/clinics or aerosol cans



Individuals shall place the medication directly into the box. Officers and/or Police Department Secretary may assist in rare instances where infirmity prohibits the individual from reaching the box.

Individuals MUST be over 18 years old. Individuals who appear to be under the age of 18 will be asked to return with an adult.


Please contact the McKees Rocks Police Department for any additional information 412-331-2302

March 14, 2019 - 10:09am

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